How can I wash Wajima-nuri? Can I put it in a dishwasher?

You needn’t worry about handling Wajima-nuri. Wash it with a soft sponge and a neutral detergent.
Please refrain from automatic dishwashers and dish dryers.

How should I keep Wajima-nuri?

Urushi is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, avoid exposure to strong light or sunshine. Also please avoid extremely dry places.

Can I put it in an oven or a microwave?

No. Wajima-nuri is a wooden product.

Why is Wajima-nuri so expensive?

Wajima-nuri is expensive because it takes such a long time to produce and is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Moreover, as mentioned above, Wajima-nuri is so durable that it can easily last for three generations. If you use a Wajima-nuri piece which costs you 1 000 euros for 100 years, you pay only 82 cents per month. This works out as 2.7 cents per day which is excellent value.